Microsoft Could Launch Upgraded Xbox Series S Next Year

    Reports suggest that Microsoft could launch an upgraded Xbox Series S next year

    Reports suggest that Microsoft could launch an upgraded Xbox Series S next year. The Xbox Series S has become the cheapest way to experience next-gen gaming; while you may not get the crispy 4k visuals, it is still a great choice for casual gamers looking to use it as a GamePass machine.

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    It is being stated that the Xbox Series S will receive an upgrade, and the refresh is expected to drop around by the next year. Leaks suggest that it would be powered by a new APU based on TSMC’s 6N node, which is an improved version of the 7nm node currently being used. If we look at it, we can see that it should allow them to get more power out of the RDNA2-based silicon and even re-enable some CUs. With this refresh, we should indeed be able to see the Series S pull off 4K gaming, and heavier games should be able to play at 1440p; 120 FPS with raytracing enabled. One of the things that the Series S didn’t get right was the storage, as it only offered about 364GB out of the box, so we expect Microsoft to take notes here and add more storage to this console.

    As for what price this console could come at, currently, Microsoft sells the Xbox Series S at 300$ in the US, while it comes at around Rs. 35,000 in India. With this new upgrade, Microsoft could price it at 350$ and discontinue the Series S, which is currently being sold. Then, the Indian pricing of the console could be around Rs. 40,000, which would make it directly compete again with the PS5 Digital Edition, so it would be interesting to see how both the consoles compete with each other now that even the Series S could get a refresh.

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