The Microsoft Build event 2017 took place from May 10-12, 2017 at Washington State Convention Center, Seattle, Washington.
Here are some of the major features that were introduced.
  • Windows Story Remix: This is a tool for all our photos and videos. It has pen and ink support, so we can add personalized notes or messages on our photos and videos. What’s more, we can anchor notes to an object, so that when the video plays and the object moves, the note moves with it. This also has an option for Mixed Reality, where we can add objects to our photos and videos.
  • Microsoft Fluid Design System: Navigate windows with the help of an electronic pen.
  • OneDrive Files on Demand: This feature is great for working across multiple devices. If we have our data stored on OneDrive Files on Demand, devices are synced, and we can access our content on the go. This feature is available on iOS and Android as well.
  • Windows timeline: This feature keeps track of app and web browsing activity and makes it easily available to us.
  • Motion Controllers for Mixed reality: Windows has teamed up with Acer for headsets and motion controllers for Mixed Reality. These have no external sensors or cameras, making it easy to use in different places. The sensors are embedded inside the headsets.
  • iTunes will now be available on the Windows store as well as Ubuntu and SUSE Linux. Windows is also working with Fedora.
  • Windows will also be collaborating with Cirque du Soleil.

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