Microsoft Announces XBOX Series X Spongebob-Squarepants And TMNT Edition Consoles


    Limited-run consoles by Microsoft announced with inspiration from Nickelodeon characters

    Limited edition XBOX series X Launch details

    Both limited edition Xbox series X variants are being given away on Twitter. To get one for yourself, just follow the official Xbox twitter account and retweet the tweet above with the hashtag #XboxAllStarBrawlsweepstakes.

    The competition to win the limited run consoles ends on 24th October. A matching custom controller is also bundled with the limited edition consoles.

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    Availability and Pricing

    For the moment, there is no information on the availability of the limited edition consoles or even the price of the limited-edition consoles for that matter.

    The pricing for the consoles shall remain the same i.e. 49,000 INR for the Indian markets if Microsoft decides to launch these in India. There is no official information on when the consoles will be available for purchase.

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