Mi Sport Bluetooth Earphones Review – Grab ‘Em Now!


    Ever since my trusty JBL C100SIs were lifted from my dorm room I’ve been quit perplexed. On one hand I was happy that they’d spared my phone, but on the other hand I needed new earphones! I loved the JBLs to death. They were undoubtedly the best earphones for the price I paid for them – ahem, until they were thriftily taken of course. So this put me in quite a dilemma. Sure, I could invest in an expensive pair of Bluetooth earphones like the OnePlus Bullets, but what’s the surety that these wouldn’t be niftily grabbed too. Nah, I wasn’t going to take any chances. So, I finally decided that I would buy a pair of Bluetooth earphones under 2000 INR. And that’s the story of how I landed on these, the Mi Sport Bluetooth Earphones Basic. Quite a mouthful, I’m aware. But, these buds are (spoiler alert)….Amazing!

    Quite feature packed for the price.

    At 1500 INR these buds are actually well equipped. IPX4 water resistance, winglets, 9 hour battery life and an extremely light weight build, these buds seemed to have them all. I’m pleased to tell you that none of these features are gimmicks. They all work as advertised! Obviously, these earphones need to do a whole lot more than offer better features than the completion; in the end they need to sound good. Oh boy do they!

    These Earbuds have a nice and warm sound signature.

    The Mi Sport buds have a warm and punchy sound signature without overpowering bass (which I personally love). The mids are absolutely spot on with treble being nice and clean. No crunchiness in the sound output whatsoever. Highs are also managed well, yet I was left craving for that extra oomph in terms of vocals. Don’t let that point get you down because these are absolutely better than the competition (Boat and JBL counterparts) which cost at least a 1000 rupees more. Hell, these are almost as good as OnePlus Bullets (only in terms of sound of course) which cost four times as much!

    The plethora of earbuds included in the box help in achieving the perfect fit.

    I personally loved the snug fit offered by these buds. There are a lot of reviews that say that these become uncomfortable to wear after a short period of time. False. (Unintentional Dwight reference) If you know which bud size is right for you, you’ll face no issues with these whatsoever. Mi sport buds are insanely light and angled with wing tips for an insanely snug fit. I’ve gone hours on end listening to music and felt no pain whatsoever. Calls are nice and crisp with the inline mic doing its duties with aplomb. Xiaomi has definitely hit it out of the park with this one!

    The angled in-ear design makes these very comfortable to wear!

    Sorry to burst the bubble I just created, but these aren’t perfect either. Though pairing is an easy process, the stiff control buttons leave a lot to be desired. The small plastic cladding that houses the battery and the buttons is built quite cheaply and looks super fragile. Sure they work as advertised, but I’ve found myself being extra careful with them.

    The cheap plastic cladding,

    Undoubtedly, these are the best bluetooth earphones you can buy under 2000 rupees. Quote me on this anywhere. I’ve recommended these to quite a few people and all of them seem to enjoy their choice. Ironically, something that I bought as a stand-in out of need has made its way permanently into my daily carry. Buy these with no second thoughts for they most definitely have the Techquila seal of approval.

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