All Mathematicians Want This Piece Of Chalk And Here’s Why


    Traditional methods of teaching math, or any subject for that matter, include the usage of a blackboard. This simple method involves the presence of chalk and a duster. And well, of course, a teacher. Maybe there’s a Reddit or eBay page for teachers because all of them seem to be going crazy over this piece of chalk. Yes, we are talking about the king of all chalks. Who even knew premium chalks existed. But the Hagoromo Fulltouch deserves some appreciation. After all, it’s the teachers’ favourite.

    The premium chalk is made by a Japanese brand named Hagoromo
    The premium chalk is made by a Japanese brand named Hagoromo

    What Makes It So Special?

    Its fine design, for starters. Having undergone thermal treatment, it’s long and dense. While most chalks crumble and leave behind a lot of chalk dust, Hagoromo’s Fulltouch leaves the crime scene spotless. It leaves no dust and is very easy to erase from the chalkboard. It is 0.47 inches in diameter and 2.95 inches in length. It is also environment-friendly and is produced under Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS).

    Hagoromo is a company based out of Japan. They have been selling chalks for over 80 years. In their prime, they sold nearly 4.5 million pieces of chalk per year. Despite being one of the leading brands in the premium chalk industry, Hagoromo has now stopped its sales. Due to the increasing demand for e-Learning, the good old chalk and board are now becoming obsolete. With their demands halved, and the poor health of their last president, the company decided to shut down for good.

    The standard white Fulltouch is a bestseller. However, the company makes coloured chalks too. Despite the company being shut down, some websites like Amazon still offer this chalk. The white chalk lacks in availability, but other colours are available for purchase.

    Mathematicians around the world, although saddened by this news, were prepared beforehand. They started stocking up well in advance. Some even turned to chalk trading. Watch this video to check out the experiences of some math profs and their favourite teaching aid.

    Looks like despite new technology, some math profs will be sticking to the old fashioned board. It sure has been proven that this chalk can do wonders. Do you think this could be the secret ingredient to being a mathematician?

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