For this week’s publisher weekend, the pioneers of the Adventure-Lite style of games, Telltale, are discounting their entire catalog of games with the cuts ranging from 40% to 84% off. Other big offers on the store include a 67% cut on XCOM 2 as well as half off plus a free weekend for Fallout 4.

Telltale has produced quite a large number of titles and so to help ease your selection process, here’s some of their games we would personally recommend:

Tales from the Borderlands ($7.49/Rs. 185)

Telltale's Tales from the BorderlandsFollowing the dual protagonists of Rhys and Fiona, Tales from the Borderlands creates a rip roaring adventure through the wasteland of Pandora with a healthy dose of humor, a fun aesthetic, surprising twists, a spot of drama and a cast of characters that you’ll genuinely care about by the end. Based of the popular first person RPG series, Borderlands, this is a game that shows Telltale at its best.

The Walking Dead Season 1 ($6.24/Rs.154)

Telltale's The Walking DeadThis is the title that first put the studio on the map and still remains to this day as one of their finest works. Season 1 of The Walking Dead puts players in the shoes of Lee Everett as he is forced to survive the newly birthed walker apocalypse. The central relationship between Lee and Clementine is by far the game’s strongest aspect though the supporting characters are no slouches. Tense, thrilling and emotionally devastating, Season 1 provides an incredible experience for all who play it.

The Wolf Among Us ($6.24/Rs. 154)

Telltales's The Wolf Among UsBased on the Fables comic book series, this grim-dark fairy tale serves as a prequel to the comics with Sheriff Bigby Wolf aka The Big Bad Wolf serving as our protagonist. The gritty world of fairy tales from the Fables comics is beautifully recaptured within the game and its tale of gruesome murder and other such misgivings is wonderfully macabre, intriguing and most of all, a jolly good time for players

Well that covers some of our personal favorites but Telltale’s quality has always been fairly consistent so you shouldn’t really go wrong with any pick.

There are a bunch of other great discounts for games outside the Telltale label so don’t forget to give those a glance as well.

Check out the entire selection through the link below:

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