Marvel’s Avengers Roadmap Updated Amid Decreasing Player Count

    Square Enix Marvel's Avengers
    Square Enix Marvel's Avengers Key Art

    Marvel’s Avengers is, by all means, a ‘dead game’, with dwindling player counts across the board, but a new roadmap update might be the spark that lights the fire of happy fans returning.

    The new roadmap was posted earlier this week, providing a glimpse at what’s to come in the coming months. Here’s the current roadmap of content coming in Marvel’s Avengers:

    • April – Tachyon Anomaly expansion (New missions)
    • May – Red Room Takeover expansion (HARM room content drop)
    • Additional side content with level expansion and new outfits
    • Improved matchmaking and gear drops
    • Second half of 2021 – ‘Cosmic Cube‘, ‘Wasteland Patrol‘ and the long awaited ‘War for Wakanda‘ expansion

    It’s not a surprise to see Square Enix not dropping a new Avengers War Table video presentation as it did in the weeks leading up to, and the following launch. It’s well known that the game has been in great need of new content and characters, something that Crystal Dynamics hasn’t been able to deliver on the level that was promised. The new roadmap was elaborated upon in a new blog post, which might go unnoticed by many players.

    The game was recently added to the PlayStation Now catalogue, which is akin to Microsoft’s xCloud service with its game streaming options. However, with Xbox Game Pass elevating similar games to higher levels, one has to wonder if Square Enix made the wrong move by partnering with PlayStation.

    Kate Bishop Deep_Dive_Marvels Avengers

    On Steam, Avengers isn’t even in the list of top 100 games by player count, and a quick look at third-party statistics shows a dwindling player base, less than 1000 concurrent players even after the addition of Kate Bishop and Hawkeye. We don’t have access to player counts on PlayStation or Xbox, but those wouldn’t be too far from the trend we’re seeing on PC, and that is the best version of the game currently.

    Outriders, a recently released game somewhat similar to Marvel’s Avengers, has been seeing great success in player counts and engagement by getting added to Game Pass. Judging by the replies to the roadmap update on Twitter and Square Enix’s forums, it’s clear that the game has a small, but passionate fan base. We hope that the game really delivers on its promises to those fans sooner rather than later, but with the studio still keeping mum on some of those pre-launch promises (remember Spider-Man?), one has to wonder just how long this game’s lifespan really ends being.

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