Marvel’s Avengers IP Revealing Bug To Be Fixed Soon


    Marvel’s Avengers can’t seem to catch a break, as a new issue has emerged which shows the players’ IP address on the screen.

    When Crystal Dynamics released a new patch for Marvel’s Avengers yesterday, they didn’t expect to leak a player’s sensitive information online. Yet, here we are.

    The problem first came to light when Twitter user Cyael posted as a reply to a tweet about Outriders, saying- “Crystal Dynamics just doxxed me showing my IP on stream in-game.”

    Marvel's Avengers

    Notably, Crystal Dynamics addressed this issue first by calling it “a floating string of text” appearing on the screen, which many people saw as side-stepping the real issue and not addressing the real problem with the bug. People also seemed to think this was Crystal Dynamics dodging the true extent of the bug.

    Crystal Dynamics also advised streamers to not stream the game until the problem was fixed. Notably, this bug only happened in the PS5 version of the game, with all the other versions remaining relatively secure.

    Marvel's Avengers Iron Man

    Marvel’s Avengers has been suffering from a myriad of issues ever since its release, and this is just another brick in the long winding road of Crystal Dynamic’s problems with the game.

    The Playstation 3 was also the platform on which one of the biggest data breaches of all time occurred in 2011. Up to 70 million people and their private data were compromised. Sony has tried to maintain the highest standards since, and it is doubtful that this security error will be looked upon too kindly among the higher-ups.

    Sony also suffered another data breach three days ago which resulted in thousands of PS3 profiles being banned from the Playstation Network. These issues look to not be connected, however.

    Sony PS5 Consoles
    Sony PS5 Consoles were affected by the Marvel’s Avengers bug

    The bug wouldn’t really affect any regular players, since they would be the only ones watching their screens anyways. The streamers and lets players with an audience are the ones affected the most by this bug, as they risk their location being leaked every time they log in to the game and/or stream.

    Let us hope for the sake of Crystal Dynamics and Marvel’s Avengers that this problem is resolved swiftly to not cause any more problems to the players. The bug is expected to be fixed at 8 AM PT, or 8:30 PM IST.


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