‘Tis the season of developer conferences and Microsoft made some pretty big announcements at their Build 2018. After 2 days of the conference let’s recap some of their biggest announcements.

Windows will work harmoniously with your Phone

Your Phone - Build 2018

Windows 10 will soon have a new app called “Your Phone” which syncs with both Androids and iPhones. You’ll be able to view notifications, send messages and view photos directly from your PC. This app will go into Beta next week and will most probably be publicly released this fall.

Timeline for Android and iOS

Kinect - Azure - Build 2018

Timeline was added to Windows in its last update and is going to become even more useful. The Timeline keeps track of your apps and helps you pick up where you left off on another device altogether. The cool thing about Timeline is that it can sync across Windows 10 devices seamlessly.Now with its addition to iOS and Android, you’ll be able to pick something up on your phone that you started on a desktop. On Android, Timeline will be part of the Microsoft Launcher. On iOS, it’ll be a tab within the Edge browser.

Kinect lives on in the Cloud

Kinect - Azure - Build 2018

Kinect is being resurrected but unlike its past form as a gaming peripheral, it will be a cloud service. Developers will be able to leverage the Azure Cloud to get depth and image info processed by Microsoft and sent back to them. This would lead to more use cases of Kinect like cameras and not just a Xbox accessory.

Microsoft will offer more money to Developers

Cortana and Alexa - Build 2018

Build is a DevCon and Microsoft announced something that made developers all around the globe happy. The base cut from all applications that Microsoft will take is 5% now. This is a huge change and compared to other platforms that take around 30%, Microsoft Store seems to be a good place for developers to start earning what they deserve. If Microsoft helps the app in advertising, then the cut rises but it still is stiff competition to its Android and iOS counterparts.

Cortana gets a new friend in AlexaCortana and Alexa - Build 2018

This was announced way back last year but at Build 2018 was the first time that we saw this in action. Representatives from both tech giants demoed the incomplete tech which is pretty unnatural. You’ll have to say “Alexa, open Cortana” or “Cortana, open Alexa” to be able to use it. This feature is in limited beta and it’s not clear if consumers will be allowed in already.

Microsoft is going through a lot of changes and is changing its priorities from just Windows to making the ecosystem cohesive and user-friendly no matter what other non Windows device you carry in your pocket. It’ll be interesting to see what the Redmond Giant has in Store for us.



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