SSD or Solid State Drives are far more superior in terms of speed in comparison to Hard drives. However, due to the less than affordable prices, the general consumers tend to stay away from them.

The transition to TLC NAND certainly helped lower the price, but we still have ways to go before SSD begin to phase out HDDs from the market. The best way to grab one at an affordable price is to wait for discounts like the Black Friday Sales. Or the Christmas sales.

A sale is going on over at Amazon India. It’s not like one of those, “Oh my God I gotta buy this, it’s so cheap” kind of sale. Nevertheless, they are offering decent discounts.

The following SSDs are on lightning sale:

Samsung 850 Pro 256GB 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal SSD:

Lightning sales on SSD at Amazon IndiaThe Samsung 850 PRO is by far the best SATA SSD on the market. Although, it is being replaced by the 860 PRO, both are more or less equal in terms of performance. Amazon India is offering a 26% discount on the Samsung’s 850 PRO. Not a bad deal, eh? If you are planning to buy one, this is your chance. Go for it. The prices won’t come much lower than this. Buy here.

WD Green 120GB Internal SSD:

This one is a budget SSD. Based on SLC, it is faster than the cheaper TLC NAND. These low capacity drives are being phased out. If you’re looking to buy one for installing your OS, this and the one after this are premium picks. Especially since it’s hard to get a good Samsung SSD for a good price in this storage size. Buy it here.

ADATA SP580 Premier 120GB Internal SSD:

Lightning sales on SSD at Amazon IndiaThis one is good for laptops, in addition to desktops as well. Based on SLC 3D NAND, this SSD has a very aggressive pricing. This discounts makes the deal even sweeter. Again, if you want an one for your OS, this one is a good option at a very affordable price. Buy it here.

These sales will go on only for a few more hours. If you have been looking for a solid state drive at an affordable price, this is it!

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