There is a perception from the public that making a games or movies that use established tropes and styles is easy. While its true that most of the groundwork is complete, it still requires a good amount of effort and many hours of work to be put into it. The team has to come up with original material while trying not to be too derivative of their inspiration. It is this combination which has made Legrand Legacy such an anticipated game, and at of the time of writing, a trending game on Steam.

The game is meant to be a love letter to JRPGs of the days of yore. It follows the adventures of a young protagonist named Finn as he traverses a vast world to save the daughter of his master. The game works on a turn based system and like most RPGs, allows you to build your own unique party in order to take down foes. You can also collect loot from your fallen enemies and use them to upgrade your weapons and become stronger. Aside from the main quest, there are plenty of side missions to immerse yourself in. As for visuals, the game uses hand drawn environments, which is a breath of fresh air for RPGs, along with standard 3D models for the characters. The game offers full control support so there’s no need to be cramped for room on a keyboard.

A Battle Screen from Legrand LegacyLegrand Legacy was awarded the award of ‘Most Promising Game of 2016’ by Gameprime, perhaps due to its status as a tribute to the JRPG genre. It was also a finalist in the ‘Pitch Competition’ of 2017 conducted by SXSW.

The game was released on January 24th, 2017 (just two days ago) and received mostly positive reviews from the Steam community. People praised the characters and the overworld along with the combat system. You can pick the game up right now on the Steam store by following the link below:

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