Falcom has just revealed The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky: Kizuna, a card battle RPG based on the Trails franchise. The game will be launching today for Android via the Google Play store in Malaysia and Singapore. The distributor for the game is Changyou.com Limited.

The game features about 128 characters from various games in the series. The featured games include Trials in the Sky, Trails of Cold Steel, Zero no Kiseki and Ao no Keseki. There will also be a brand new story featured in the game to tie up this massive crossover.

Trails in the Sky: KizunaBelow is a brief overview of the new tale:

A space-time distortion caused by the “Azure Tree” suddenly appears in the continent of Zemuria, and due to someone’s use of “Aureole, the Shining Ring,” Crossbell Police investigator Lloyd Bannings is thrown into a different dimension. Why did the space-time distortion occur? And who used the power of the Shining Ring? In order to determine the cause, as well as return to Zemuria, Lloyd begins an investigation alongside Special Support Section member Elie MacDowell in the mysterious continent.

Trails in the Sky: KizunaThe gameplay is specialized for touch-screens and the battle system will feature different classes such as “Warrior”, “Knight” and “Archer” to allow for a variety of tactical options. Various events will be available in the game for players to try out. Some of the featured events are Battle Events, where players will face off against the disciples of the secret society, “Ouroboros”, Trial Events, where players can cooperate with each other, and randomized searches that will allow players to collect various hidden items from the map. The characters available to collect in the game will have different costume versions.

Check out the game’s announcement trailer below:

Falcom has, at this time, not announced any plans for a release outside of Singapore and Malaysia.

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