Intel has been rumored to be working on a CPU with AMD’s Radeon Graphics for a while now. But some new leaked Intel slides has given birth to new rumors, teasing new Intel processors to be equipped with AMD’s Vega graphics.

This new rumor is a result of a “blurry” slide from Intel that says “Vega Inside, Mobile Performance Outside”. This makes it seems like an Intel AMD collaboration may be on the books.

Vega architecture was launched by AMD a couple of months ago for the high-end market. Intel’s recently released Coffee Lake family of processors still uses the same technology as used in the Kaby Lake, but we can expect the upcoming mobile Coffee Lake-H family to sport the Vega inside. The same thing can be expected for the Canon Lake which will be released in the Y-Series family too. Both Coffee Lake-H and Cannon Lake-Y are designed for the mobility market and can be the closest fits for the product mentioned in the slides.

Well the interesting part is that Intel had been denying all the reports of cross-licensing of AMD graphics technology but these slides suggests otherwise.

Also, on the technical side, you can’t simply put Vega into a laptop easily, considering the processors involved targets the mobility market. The Vega is a power hungry chip and gets pretty hot under load. Laptops are famous for not having the apt cooling required for fully-loaded GPUs and putting Vega inside will not be helping to this cause either. Intel has spent years and years to get to a point they are at now with great battery life on mobile processors, it would be a bold move from them to throw in a power-hungry Vega chip that would also need extra cooling owing to its heating issues.

Use of the “Vega Inside” branding by Intel suggests an on-die MCM chip design in which Intel would be using a multi-die interconnect bridge that would drive everything between the CPU and the GPU. This is the same design as the one Intel had unveiled during their Technology and Manufacturing Day keynote.

Using an on-die MCM chip design would mean Intel’s own CPU would’ve large enough bandwidth to communicate with the Vega GPU through massive bandwidth over the die-to-die interconnects. This would mean Vega would finally be able to use its High Bandwidth Cache Controller (HBCC) which is currently almost useless.

All that said, it’s advised to take all these rumors with a pinch of salt. The leak looks rather sketchy and can’t be completely believed considering it’s based off a single blurry slide.

As for the Vega chips themselves, they would be powering the Ryzen Mobile CPUs and it shouldn’t be long before we can check and get an idea of how powerful these actually might be.

Just the thought of these two competitors working together is extremely exciting. This could be a perfect fit for both considering each compliments the other’s shortcoming. Let’s just hope these rumors turn out to be true and we see a processor enjoying the best of both worlds.

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