The Last of Us Part II Rumored To Come in February 2020 With 3 Editions

    Sony's PS4 Exclusive The Last of Us Part II might be releasing in February if rumors are to be believed. The game will come in 3 editions - Standard, Special and Ellie Edition.

    PlayStation Exclusive title: The Last of Us Part 2

    Expectations are at an all-time high on The Last of Us Part II. The sequel to the critically acclaimed PS3/4 exclusive is finally getting ready for release, but no one known when. Sony hasn’t announced any release date for the game, and the rumored November release date is taken by Death Stranding, PS4’s other exclusive. However, a recent rumor may suggest when the game’s coming out.

    According to a rumor from ResetEra, the game will launch in February 2020 and will come with 3 editions: Standard Edition, Special Edition & a mysterious Ellie Edition. Now, while it is common practice for modern AAA titles to have a standard and special edition, it’s the third one that seems to be the most interesting of the bunch. It could be that it’s just another collector’s edition, with some unique items. After all, Ellie is the main playable character this time around, and she’s super popular, so it makes sense to have one of the special editions dedicated to her.

    A still from The Last of Us Part II

    Interestingly enough, it’s the release date that we’re more uncertain about. The original, The Last of Us, came out in June, so it would make sense for Sony to release it around that time. That would also give the game some breathing room from Death Stranding, and Sony could follow it up with Ghost of Tsushima around August. It lines up with the recent news from developers at Naughty Dog that the game is nearing completion. While many believed the game would come out in 2019, their recent statements regarding the state of the game point towards a 2020 release instead.

    The Last of Us Remastered on PS4

    In any case, Sony seems to have won this console generation with top-notch exclusives. Last year’s E3 demo showed us a bit of gameplay, and once again showed just how immersively Naughty Dog blends action and narrative cinematics together. With last year’s Spider-Man and God of War, and the upcoming round of exclusive single-player games, the company has shown that its a force to be reckoned with.

    The Last of Us Part II currently sits without a release date. The game is being developed for Sony’s PS4 and PS4 Pro consoles.

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