The Last of Us Part-II and Ghost of Tsushima Get Release Dates

    PlayStation Exclusive title: The Last of Us Part 2

    After tugging at the heartstrings of many gamers by the “delayed indefinitely” tag given to The Last of Us Part-II, we have some good news with the release dates.

    Ellie The Last of Us Part-II

    The Last of Us Part-II is slated to release on June 19th, just two and half weeks post it’s the original launch date of May 29. So it makes one wonder what they were thinking when they made the “indefinitely delayed’ remark. The Last of Us Part-II is the best looking PS4 title developed by the wizards at Naughty Dog. So we are eager to see if they can deliver a successful sequel to the masterpiece that was the original.

    Another PS4 exclusive that was supposed to come out on June 14th, Ghost of Tsushima has been pushed forward to July 17th. Ghost of Tsushima will likely act as the swan song to the Playstation 4’s lifecycle. It is quite the coincidence as the original The Last of Us acted as PS3’s swan song.

    Ghost of Tsushima battle

    Ghost of Tsushima is the next title from Sucker Punch, the developers of the InFamous series. It is an open-world samurai action game that has caught the eyes of people since its reveal at PGW 2017. And subsequently, the gameplay was revealed during E3 2018. Finally, we got some new gameplay during last year’s E3 which left fans pumped.

    Norman Reedus in Death Stranding

    Some additional info, the once Playstation exclusive ‘Death Stranding‘ will be releasing on PC on July 14th. So we can expect a packed couple of months for gamers all around.

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