Korean-American Engineer Files Discrimination Suit Against Intel Managers of Indian Origin


    In a rather shocking turn of events, Hoseong Ryu an American of Korean origin filed a discrimination suit against Intel for being sidelined from opportunities on the basis of his nationality.

    Apparently, the trouble started even before Ryu set foot in Intel. After his brief interview with a panel of managers (the majority of them being of Indian descent), one man allegedly told a fellow interviewer that it would be more fruitful to hire a single Indian man over a married Korean with familial responsibilities, his lawsuit claimed.

    Big Blue is already facing flak for its production shortage.

    Despite this altercation, Ryu was placed onto the system integration team where he found the management and work-environment heavily biased towards Indians and others of South Asian descent. His suit claims that one manager on his team openly favored hiring and promoting employees of Indian origin mainly because they were more “hard-working” compared to their counterparts. The suit goes on to state that this manager further egged a supervisor to hire only Indian employees.

    In response to these allegations, Intel spokesperson Patricia Oliverio came forward to state, “We believe diverse teams with different perspectives, experiences, and ideas are more creative and innovative, resulting in a collaborative and supportive environment.” However, Intel chose to keep mum regarding the pending litigation.

    Intel launching its X-series line of silicon.

    Ryu went on to further alleged that he was passed up for a promotion as the new chief of the system integration team and the position was rather awarded to an Indian system debugger with inferior management and systems integration experience.

    Ryu’s suit further broaches a host of other topics, one of which claims that Intel awarded Indian and South Asian employees as much as 2 extra weeks of leave as compared to people of other nationalities. Hoseong was quite miffed with how he was treated at Intel and is currently claiming punitive damages for emotional distress and damage to his reputation.

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