Kingston Announces the Launch of Refreshed ‘Canvas’ Card Series and ‘MobileLite Plus’ Card Readers in India


Kingston Technology, a world leader in memory products and technology solutions, announced today the refresh of its ‘Canvas’ series Flash cards to Canvas Plus. The new SD and microSD lineup include Kingston’s first UHS-II cards. To keep up with Canvas Plus, new MobileLite Plus UHS-II readers have been engineered to support blazing fast read speeds. Canvas Plus represents the next generation of SD and microSD cards with increased performance for DSLRs, 4K/8K video production, Android devices, action cams and drones.

Canvas Plus offers three different variations for both SD and microSD cards: Select Plus, Go! Plus, and React Plus. Canvas Select Plus, which began shipping in Q4 2019, is joined by Canvas Go! Plus and Canvas React Plus. They support not only the latest advanced cameras that are capable of 4K and 8K video capture, React Plus and MobileLite Plus are also backwards compatible with UHS-I and conventional SD bus standards. MobileLite Plus readers will be available on their own or as a bundle with React Plus cards to ensure optimized speeds.

“Our goal is to deliver the best possible experience so consumers can share the content that’s important to them,” said Kingston. “Canvas cards lead the way with UHS-II and A2 app support and are durable, feature great storage capacity and are higher in speed to capture all of life’s memories without the worry of space limitations or long transfer times.” Canvas Plus Flash cards series are exclusively available on Tata Cliq from October 17. The Canvas cards are backed by a lifetime warranty, free technical support and legendary Kingston reliability.

The Canvas Plus card series include:

Canvas Select Plus:


Kingston’s Canvas Select Plus SD card is designed for recreational/amateur Full HD and 4K DSLR cameras (SD), and Android mobile devices (microSD), Canvas Select Plus features Class 10 UHS-I speeds1 up to 100MB/s read.

The new Canvas Select™ Plus MicroSD supports A1 app performance class to expedite workflow on tablets and smartphones. Both the SD and microSD comesin capacities2 up to 512GB.

Powerful in  performance,  speed,  and  durability,  the  Canvas  Select  Plus  microSD    is  designed  for  reliability  when  shooting  and  developing  high-resolution photos or filming and editing full HD videos. Kingston’s Select Plus SD card is designed with exceptional performance, speed, and durability for heavy workloads such as transferring and developing high-resolution photos or  capturing  and  editing  full  HD  videos.

It Kingston Canvas cards are tested to be durable in the harshest environments and conditions so  you  can take them anywhere with confidence that your photos, videos, and files will be protected. Available with a lifetime warranty.

Canvas Go! Plus:

Kingston Canvas Go! Plus is ideal for shooting 4K UHD video and burst mode photography on your DSLR (SD), or using with your 4K action cameras and drones (microSD).

The Canvas Go! Plus SD is for the adventurers who are always on the go chasing the perfect moment to capture. With superior transfer speeds of up to 170MB/s1, the Canvas Go! Plus SD card accelerates your work­ flow and efficiency so that you’ll have more  time  to  take  your  creativity  onto  the  next  adventure.  With  U3  &  V30  speed  performance,  shoot  stunning  4K  Ultra-HD  videos  without  worrying  about  slow  speeds  and  dropped  frames  or  shoot  sequential  burst-mode  photography  that’s  seamless and consistent. View the world as your canvas and take your creativity and inspiration on the road with the Canvas Go! Plus SD.

For Android™ Mobile Devices, Action Cams, Drones and 4K Video Production, Kingston’s  Canvas  Go! Plus microSD  is  for  the  adventurers  who  are  always  on  the  go chasing the perfect moment to capture. With superior transfer speeds of up to 170MB/s¹, the Canvas Go! Plus microSD card accelerates your workflow and efficiency so  that  you’ll  have  more  time  to  take  your  creativity  onto  the  next  adventure.  With  U3  and  V30  speed  performance,  shoot  stunning  4K  Ultra-HD  videos  without  worrying about slow speeds and dropped frames or shoot fast-action photos that’s seamless  and  consistent.  The Canvas Go! Plus microSD  supports  A2  Application  Performance Class to expedite your workflow with faster application performance on  smartphones  and  tablets.  There is an  optional  SD  adapter  for  added  versatility  to  use  with  SD  compatible  devices.  View  the  world  as  your  canvas  and  take  your  creativity and inspiration on the road with the Canvas Go! Plus microSD.

The Canvas Go! Plus comes with class 10 UHS-I U3 speeds1 up to 170MB/s read3, 90MB/s write. The microSD supports A2 app performance class to expedite workflow on next-gen tablets and smartphones. Both SD and microSD comes in capacities2 up to 512GB.

Canvas React Plus:


Kingston’s  Canvas  React Plus microSD  card  delivers  reliable  and  durable  performance  for  professional  creatives  shooting  brilliant  4K/8K  videos  and  high-resolution  photos  without  having  to  worry  about  dropped  frames  and  slow speeds. Designed with the latest UHS-II standards and top-of-the-line U3 and V90  speed  classes,  the  Canvas  React Plus microSD  cards  are  compatible  with  industry-standard  professional  HD  drones  and  action  cameras.  Shoot sequential burst-mode shots with recording speeds of up  to  165MB/s¹  and  capture  videos  in  Ultra-HD  cinematic  quality. 

The Canvas React Plus microSD supports A1 Application  Performance  Class  to  expedite  your  workflow  with  faster application performance on smartphones and tablets. It comes included with Kingston’s MobileLite Plus microSD reader with  transfer  speeds  of  up  to  285MB/s¹  for  enhanced  post-production  workflow  and  efficiency,  as  well  as  a  UHS-I SD Adapter2 for convenient device compatibility.

Kingston’s  Canvas  React Plus SD  card  delivers  high-performance  speeds  that  are  designed  to  work  with  industry-standard  professional  cameras  for  creatives  that  shoot  4K/8K  videos  and  high-resolution  photos.  Designed  with  the  latest  UHS-II  standards and top-of-the-line U3 and V90 speed classes, the Canvas React Plus SD enables you to shoot sequential burst-mode shots with recording speeds of up to 260MB/s1. Execute your creativity without experiencing slow speeds and dropped frames while maximizing your workflow and efficiency with the included MobileLite Plus  UHS-II  SD  Reader.  With  transfer  speeds  of  up  to  300MB/s1,  enhance  your  post-production  process  and  handle  heavy  workloads  with  ease  while  capturing  cinematic quality in high-resolutions

MobileLite Plus Readers:

Kingston MobileLite Plus Readers is built to increase the workflow efficiency with incredible UHS-II speeds for faster file transfers and processing time.It comes with USB 3.2 Gen 1 speeds with backwards compatibility support for UHS-I cards. The new Kingston MobileLite Plus Readers is designed for optimal performance with Kingston microSD and SD cards.

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About Kingston Technology

Kingston Technology is a world leader in memory products and technology solutions. Through its global network of subsidiaries, affiliates and manufacturing facilities, Kingston designs, manufactures, tests and distributes DRAM, Flash and Embedded memory solutions as well as peripheral products via its HyperX gaming brand. Kingston has sales offices and representatives worldwide including in the United States, Canada, China, Europe, Eastern Europe, India, Latin America, Russia and Taiwan. For more information, please visit

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