Kingdom Hearts Series Coming to PC on Epic Games Store, Will Sell At Full Price

    kingdom hearts 3
    kingdom hearts 3

    Kingdom Hearts is a franchise that has never seen a game on PC outside of a browser-based spinoff, but the franchise will soon make its debut on the platform. The entire Kingdom Hearts franchise is finally coming to PC on Epic Games Store. However, it’s not all good news for many fans as all games are all being priced in the $50-$60 range. Given the older games debuted way back on the PS2, are they worth buying at full price again?

    The Kingdom Hearts franchise has a pretty big fanbase, with all games released on PlayStation and Nintendo consoles. That remained the case up until last year, with Kingdom Hearts 3 finally releasing on Xbox One as well as PS4.

    The Kingdom Hearts franchise will be separated into 4 stand-alone instalments on Epic Games Store:

    GamePrice (INR)Price (USD)
    Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMix Rs. 2,999$49.99
    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter PrologueRs. 3,999$59.99
    Kingdom Hearts Melody of MemoryRs. 3,999$59.99
    Kingdom Hearts III + ReMind DLCRs. 3,999$59.99

    It’s a little baffling that Square Enix decided to price the games as they are, charging more for the PS2/PS3 remaster than most recent AAA releases.

    If the naming convention of the series looks confusing, that’s because it is. The franchise is well known for its convoluted story, so we made a digestible breakdown of the lore here about the first few games. Once you’re up to speed, you can then check out our review of the latest instalment – Kingdom Hearts 3, which left us more confused than amazed. Here’s our verdict on the third (not really) game in the franchise.

    “Kingdom Hearts 3 provides for some fun times packaged with a confusing story. If you haven’t played the previous ones, it’s gonna take some time to understand the context behind this one. With unfocused gameplay yet lots of charm, Kingdom Hearts 3 leaves a lot to be desired.”

    kingdom hearts 3
    Kingdom Hearts 3

    The Kingdom Hearts franchise will release on the Epic Games Store exclusively on March 30, 2021. You can pre-order the games here.

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