The much awaited sequel to Disney and Square Enix’s breakout hit, Kingdom Hearts III, showed off a new trailer at the D23 Expo on the 10th of February. The game is expected to see a release within 2018.

The trailer showcased Sora, along with his allies Donald and Goofy, meeting the incredibly popular Sully and Mike from the universe of Monster’s Inc. Sora’s appearance has been modified to look like a monster, as has his friends appearances. This keeps in with the trend of Sora inhabiting the characteristics of whatever world he travels to. Along with this revelation, we also get a glimpse of the party fighting off several Heartless. The combat style is distinctly Kingdom Hearts, but it has been presented in a brand new fashion that will surely excite longtime fans of the series.

Screenshot from Kingdom Hearts IIIWe also got a glimpse of the world of Tangled, where Sora is seen fighting with Rapunzel as an ally, and using Ariel (who he previously met in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2) as a summons. We even revisited the world of Toy Story, which was confirmed in 2017.

Screenshot from Kingdom Hearts IIIOn top of all of this, even people who were just looking for advancement in the plot were not disappointed, as the trailer reveals just enough to keep fans wondering where Sora’s next adventure will take them. This includes a conversation with Marluxia, a member of Organisation XII, and a confrontation with the antagonist of the last game, Xemnas.

kingdom heartsFinally, it wouldn’t be a main entry in the series if Udata Hikaru wasn’t singing a song for it, and thankfully, we heard her voice in the song ‘Chikai’ (誓い) which translates to ‘oath’. Similar to the previous two songs in the series, there is an English version (called “Don’t Think Twice”) and a Japanese version. 

Kingdom Hearts III has been long awaited by many fans of the series, as the last main series game released as far back as 2005, and this has only served to get us even more pumped up for what is probably the most anticipated game of 2018.


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