Kingdom Come Deliverance Review: Realistic Skyrim?

Kingdom Come Deliverance reminds me of one of those jobs that rob you of your social life, your self esteem and all your ambitious. However, at the end of all your pain and suffering, you are handsomely rewarded. Ever since Witcher 3, this is the most engrossing Role-playing game I’ve played.

Kingdom Come Deliverance

In Kingdom Come Deliverance, realism takes priority above all else. When I say realism, I don’t just mean the graphics but the gameplay mechanics and the quest design too. Let’s slow down for a while though, and talk about the setting and other core details of the game.

Kingdom Come Deliverance is a crowdfunded role-playing game, that popped up on Kickstarter in 2012. After 6 long years in development, it was finally released this February on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Set during the Medieval times in the Holy Roman Empire, the devs, Warhorse Studios, have made sure that you understand the hardships of being a commoner during those trying times.

Now that the introductions are out of the way, let’s get down to business. Kingdom Come Deliverance is a really beautiful game. Built on top of Crytek’s Cry Engine, it really takes a toll on even the most powerful systems. We’ll have a look at the performance in another piece soon. For now, lets focus on the gameplay.


Kingdom Come DeliveranceYou play as Henry, the son of a master blacksmith. His village and family are taken from him by a savage army as they raze it to the ground. Henry’s primary goal is revenge, but just like Skyrim, you’ll be spending more time on side-quests. Courting, beating up bandits, running after birds, stealing from the dead, solving disputes, etcetera etcetera. There is a significant variety, so it is quite hard to get bored if you ask me.


The gameplay mechanics in this RPG are also in a league of their own. The entire combat system relies on your stamina and how well you manage it. As for managing the stamina, just about anything drains it. Getting hit in combat,having an empty stomach, being tired- everything. Having low health too depletes the stamina bar temporarily.

Not everything affects stamina in a negative way though. Being well fed or rested gives you a stat boost. Stamina isn’t the only thing that is unforgiving in Kingdom Come Deliverance. Nearly every aspect of this RPG focuses on realism, and that is that makes it so challenging, yet addicting and satisfying at the same time. You fall down from a cliff, your feet will probably get injured, affecting your running or maneuvering ability in combat.

Let’s about the food. Kingdom Come Deliverance is pretty strict even when it comes to the diet. You can hunt game, but can’t have raw meat. Keep it in your inventory for too long, it’ll get spoiled. Eat spoiled food, and you’ll have food poisoning. Sounds like a pain, doesn’t it? It’s really immersive though.

Nearly every in-game item in this crowdfunded RPG has a health bar. Once it’s depleted, it becomes useless. As for skills, you gotta learn them too. Lock-picking, swimming, horse riding, reading all of em’. However, once you learn any particular art from an expert, you can improve them by practicing.

Strategy in Combat

By now, I’ve probably piqued your interest, but I’m fairly certain you have concerns. The major one being whether the realism spoils the fun or not. It doesn’t. There was this quest in which I was tasked with taking on a camp of bandits. The trouble was that each of them was as strong as me, while their boss was even stronger. Plus, he had a tough metal plated armor. On top of that there were like 5-6 of them. I died multiple times.

Then by chance I went there at night hoping to sneak up on them and slit their throats. And guess what I did. Only it was much easier than I had anticipated. They were all sleeping and one of them was on guard. I got the jump on him, and took him out without alerting the others. Then I swiftly killed the others before they could even realize what was going on. Muahahaha.

Well actually I died once, even after discovering this. I did succeed on the next attempt though. Anywho, there are lot of similar situations where the level of realism exceeds expectations in Kingdom Come Deliverance.


Kingdom Come Deliverance is a gorgeous RPG and while it’s not in the same league as Skyrim and Witcher 3, it’s an RPG definitely worth trying. It may be lacking in certain departments that the big two excel in, but it has its advantages. It’s approach to in-game realism is a first not only in role-playing games, but in video games in general. This one is a must buy. If you still haven’t bought this fantastic game, what are you waiting for?

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