Keen is the New AI-Powered App from Google

    keen google

    Keen is the new Pinterest twin, just that it is automated, AI-powered app launched by Google. Keen has said to be launched by Google’s in-house incubator for new ideas, Area 120. This will help users to track their respective interests.

    This Pinterest rival will mainly be different because it will put a stop to people’s mindless browsing and will find new ways to navigate through the app by providing users with a better and a curated feed. Keen will combine a technique of using a machine and also a human collaboration with it. Through this unique collaboration, feeds will have curated topics which will make browsing organised.  

    keen google

    Now the question comes: Why is the app called “Keen”? Since it deals with an individual’s area of interest and what the person refers to as their point of interest. Each individual has a different area of interest. The whole idea of building the app was because the co-founder of the app found himself mindlessly browsing through different apps.

    The aim of the app is to make your browsing experience better, such that it adds value in terms of saving time and educating oneself about a topic they are genuinely interested in. It lets you find, curate and have a more personalised content you love, and want to learn and share this collection with others and also find content that one finds interest in. 

    Google wanted this app to be automated with a touch of human collaboration and so it worked in collaboration with the company’s People and AI Research (PAIR) team, it will help Keen have human-centred machine learning, to deliver what Google wants to deliver to the users of the app. 

    This isn’t an absolutely original idea because other social media apps also function on the same idea of having personalised curated boards bases on interests and hobbies. Pinterest also functions on the same idea of curated pinboards. 

    Keen will, however, have “helpful content related to your interests” and that’s how it will be different. “Even if you’re not an expert on a topic, you can start curating a keen and save a few interesting ‘gems’ or links that you find helpful,” said the co-founder CJ Adams. While Pinterest does not rely heavily on AI, Keen will rely more on that. 

    Once a particular “keen” is created by a user, one can then selectively add to the collection and remove items one doesn’t want and then share the Keen with others to allow them to also add content. It can either be public or private. Keen will also send emails when new content is available.

    Google uses a combination of items from Google Search history and topics users follow to find news and information it can bring directly to a person on the app. Keen doesn’t tap into people’s search history. It will find content from what a user inputs directly into the app.

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