Just Die Already Lets You Play as Old People Living The YOLO Life

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From the designers of the atrociously good Glitch Goat Simulator, comes another ridiculous physics-based sandbox game. Except that this time you’re a boomer trying to live life before dying.

The wacky announcement trailer shows outrageous challenges players will do in order to reserve their place in the World’s Nicest Retirement Home.

“When we started making the game, there wasn’t all this going on. So it does feel a little weird introducing such a ridiculous, over-the-top sandbox game when the world is so grim at the moment. That said, maybe supergluing a rocket pack to the back of an octogenarian and sending him flying into a construction site just to see what happens is the type of escape we all need right now?”

said Armin Ibrisagic.

This boomer simulator allows you to drive jet skis, scooters, fly with a rocket strapped to your back, tumble down the stairs breaking your bones, attach rockets to other people with a magic wand, all as an 80-year old.

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“Discover the joys of being old and made of glass, anything can break you and you can break your everything.”

The mayhem filled sandbox allows you to slice people in half with neon light sabers (or get sliced), put on wings and fly, play accordion and banjo. You can even ride your own professionally crafted rocket bikes (bicycle + fireworks + glue gun = profit). What else do you need?

Just Die Already can be played solo or with up to three friends, and is set to launch this Summer and will be getting a free demo on Steam “shortly”, giving you a chance to live the senior citizen life you’ve never dreamt of.

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