Just Cause 4 Announced, Releasing on 4th December


Square Enix and Avalanche Studios just announced the latest game in their destructive, blow em’ up Just Cause franchise. Just Cause 4 has been announced shortly before Square’s E3 showcase, and sees Rico return as the protagonist, with his same old arsenal of grappling hooks, a parachute, RPGs, rocket launchers and pretty much anything that goes boom.

In Just Cause 4, Rico travels to a “huge south American world home of conflict, oppression, and extreme weather conditions” called Solis to do his thing, and help the rebels free their country in his usual explosive fashion.

The launch trailer for Just Cause 4 shows our witty hero talk about an old enemy, the Black-hand disguised in a new skin. The formula seems to be the same, explosions everywhere, Rico flying around like Super-man, and his grappling hooks wreaking havoc along the way. Motor bikes are the only notable addition to the game-play. Graphics-wise, Just Cause 4 (obviously) looks quite a bit prettier compared to it’s predecessor.

Just Cause 4You might remember that Just Cause 3 was a technical mess, at least the PC version certainly was. Bugs, performance issues, lack of SLI support and so on. The team over at Avalanche tried their best to whip the game into shape, but it was not quite enough. Hopefully, Just Cause 4 will be more polished at launch.

Just Cause 4 releases on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One on 4th December, 2018. That’s still almost six months away folks, but certainly something to look forward to, especially if you have violent tendencies.

Square Enix have their E3 conference lined up for Monday. We’ll learn more about Rico and his upcoming adventure then. On another note, this reveal once again lines up wth Wallmart’s E3 listing that was leaked roughly a month ago. It mentioned Just Cause 4 and Rage 2, among other titles. That leak seems to have proven correct till now, at least partially. I’m curious to see if the other titles mentioned will also be shown off in the coming days.

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