Netflix’s Julie and The Phantoms Review: Has that Magical Disney Feel to It!

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Julie and The Phantoms is now streaming on Netflix and the first impression is that the series feels like a straight-out-of-Disney production. It obviously deals with elements which are supernatural and something that is not exactly aimed for audiences across every age group. I did not get hooked onto the series because I obviously do not have the privilege to call myself a teenager anymore.

This series will attract teenagers mostly, however, this could make for a good family TV show. Kenny Ortega is the executive producer of Julie and The Phantoms who happens to be the auteur for the most famous contents on Disney. Overall it does have a very Disney vibe to it because there are musical performances, all the glitterati that follows and a High School Musical feel.

Julie and The Phantoms

Kenny Ortega has produced content that has actually got a lot of popularity and a humongous number of fans who for years have gravitated to such content. You cannot exactly call this series to have a narrative which is made for the mature audience, however, Julie and The Phantoms have brought some larger issues to the table. 

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Julie and The Phantoms is a musical dramedy which might not have a mature and an alternative story to bring forth but it definitely adds something to your plate. I’d suggest giving this a try if there’s a part (even though it is teeny tiny) of you that hasn’t exactly outgrown that Disney phase. Julie and The Phantoms has been adapted from the Brazilian TV show which goes by the same titular name.

It is refreshing to watch Netflix try their hand at experimental content which can safely be watched with the whole family while not curling up in discomfort. Teen or young adult TV shows that have been streaming on Netflix do have the issue of a lot of skin show and, at times, the rampant portrayal of sex and drugs can get too much to handle. For a change, Julie and The Phantoms can come to your rescue! 

What is Julie and The Phantoms all about?

*Spoiler alert* 

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Major characters in this series die in the first episode itself only after which the story begins. Julie is a musician who also has a superpower to talk to ghosts… (You now know why I kept mentioning the whole Disney bit) Julie just lost her mother after which she has been experiencing a bit of a creative block but she soon realises that she is capable of some pretty cool and supernatural things which then make her become a musical sensation.

Julie is now seen interacting with the three members of a band and that’s when all the fun begins. It might sound pretty immature but Julie and The Phantoms doesn’t mindlessly deal with the supernatural bit, it is about emotions and a lot of it.  This is just a gist of the story because I am guilty of revealing quite a bit already.

Julie and The Phantoms
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I do have to admit that Julie and The Phantoms has surprisingly normalised the supernatural bit to quite an extent because you’ll not feel like you’re watching absolute gibberish. I think that takes smart and tactful storytelling! I’d advice the viewers to pay attention to the timelines as they could be a little confusing to remember and a lot wouldn’t make sense otherwise. 

Overall verdict! 

Definitely watch this series, if you don’t mind watching something that is not exactly targeted towards the mature audience. There’s a lot of positives, a good cast, decent performances and it definitely feels right out of a Disney production (I would account that as a positive). I can’t seemingly pinpoint at the negatives but I think a stronger antagonist with a layered character would have had added more flair to the series.

Julie and The Phantoms

There’s a lot of intriguing bits in the series along with interesting storytelling, how Julie is scared of the ghosts to finally warming up to them, every point in this series has been very elaborated. I do have a complain which is that at times, I have felt that the story has been stretched redundantly, ten episodes could have come down to eight episodes perhaps! But it still makes for an entertaining watch.

Julie and The Phantoms is streaming on Netflix.

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Straight out of a Disney TV show, 'Julie and The Phantoms' is a fresh breath of air and a break from all the sex and skin show that teenage dramas show today!
Anushmita Samal
Books, art, aesthetics, colours and undying love for lemon tarts and flowers!


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