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We, at TechQuila value the work put forth by our team and are always looking for passionate people who can join us. Our focus is on building an in-house team of talented folks who can shoot, click and write on our chosen topics for our ever growing reader base. The candidates will be responsible for regularly producing quality content, researching futuristic ideas and testing out gadgets/apps sent by companies on a daily basis.

Teams & Open Positions



The content creation departments are the think tanks of the team that keep the website and YouTube channel running by regularly publishing content of the highest quality.


Content Writer

As the name suggests, they publish news, reviews and opinion pieces on the main website.

Script Writer

The script writers co-operate with the website authors to cook up a more casual version of the content for YouTube videos.

Host (YouTube)

A YouTube host takes the face of the YouTube section of our channel. You need to be a confident speaker to get a chance at this post.

          Web and Design

 The web and design team is primarily composed of web-devs, GDs, videographers and video-editors.

Web Developer

The backend team is mainly composed of web developers who make sure nothing explodes and the website functions within the optimal parameters.

Graphic Designer

See all those fancy, colorful logos and designs everywhere? That is precisely what the graphics designers are there for.

Videographer & Phtographer

These folks capture all the action and do all the heavy lifting as far as the video part of the content is concerned. They play a major role in handling the YouTube Channel.

Video Editor

The video editors complement the videographers and make sure you see only what you need to and get rid of all the ugly bits.


Operations is the outgoing wing of the organization that interacts with both the masses as well as approaches companies for sponsorship proposals.

Social Media Manager

The social media manager keeps the channels accounts on Twitter and Facebook up to date with the latest info from the main site.

P.R Manager

The PR managers handle all our marketing and advertising responsibilities. Their job is to make sure the masses hear about the outlet, handle affairs with other companies as well as social media among other things.

Perks & Benefits


Conductive Work Environment

One gets to work with like-minded individuals who hold significant knowledge of their respective fields

Significant Role

Everyone plays an important role given the blog’s early growth stage; people are promoted based solely on their skill and work


Access to Review Units

Content creators get first hand access to the review units before public release

Subscription to Premium Content

The team gets access to Premium Content & Merchandise from our sponsors

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