Apple released the sixth, and possibly final generation of the iPod touch back in July of 2015. While there is no word yet on the next iteration, their latest foray into the iPod lineup is a nice device with excellent performance capabilities, matching up with the iPhone 6 itself.

Starting with the specs, the iPod Touch sports a 4 inch multi-touch display, followed by Apple’s customary home key. The device has an Apple 64-bit A8 chip, M8 motion coprocessor which are same as the ones used on the iPhone 6, 1 GB of RAM along with an 8 MP iSight camera (aperture f/2.4) and a 1.2 MP front facing Facetime HD camera, and as of this writing is running on the latest version of iOS (v10.2) The rest of the features are pretty basic, considering the devices and services we get today.

For the uninitiated, the iPod Touch does not house any slot for a SIM card,which means that you would have to rely on WiFi for staying connected to the internet. While there is no sign of any inbuilt GPS system, Apple does a workaround about this by granting access to location via the WiFi. Basically, the phrase that it’s ‘an iPhone without the phone’ is as true as it gets.

Weighing in around 88 grams, the iPod Touch is very light and thanks to the smaller display, it is much more comfortable to hold. One handed usage is a breeze, and while the on-screen keypad might take some time getting used to, it really is simple once you do. Being a secondary media player, this complements the smaller size and build as you would want it to be as compact as possible.

Apple has been known to provide support for their older devices for a long amount of time, and this shows here. The device runs on the latest version of iOS without a stutter, and thanks to its M8 chip, can handle multitasking and gaming easily.Despite being a relatively old device, it supports new software pretty well. Running on iOS 10.2, with rumors of it being able to receive the next big version iOS 11, it is clear that Apple knows how to treat its’ older customers. And then you also have Siri, the personal assistant for iOS devices. Although not quite as powerful as the Google Assistant, it runs fairly well for a device which does not have the luxury of providing cellular network.

With the A8 chip, the iPod is a gaming powerhouse. Coupled with the smaller screen, the processor has no problem in shelling out those pixels to provide a smooth, clutter free experience. Considering the price factor, it can easily be seen as a miniature gaming device for those who are not willing to spend their money on a console, and adding an excellent gaming library with the App store.The device also sports a nice camera for point and shoot functionality, and can easily be replaced as a secondary device for photography. Battery life is still mediocre and is one area where Apple still struggles.

It doesn’t have TouchID or 3D touch but it can be ignored as these features are more suited to a flagship, especially 3D touch. With the imminent arrival of iOS 11, also an anniversary update, it might be able to add the 3D touch feature as a widget-ty feature, much like how the Google Pixel uses contextual touch to provide more options.

The fast camera and the smooth gaming makes the iPod a good travel companion. With the help of unlimited cloud storage (e.g Google Photos) it is very easy to keep track of all your photos in one place as the entry model offers a small storage size of 16 GB, although there are more expensive models if you want more storage.

Music playback is good enough, while not much better than it’s direct competitor in the phone category, the iPhone 6. You could always use the amazing earpods that come bundled with the purchase, but that is sort of a workaround as the device itself doesn’t do as much justice as it should to being an external media player. Syncing with iTunes is as easy as ever so you can easily import your favorite playlists on the go.

Right now there really isn’t any device to offer what the iPod Touch does and the vast minority that promises to don’t hold up really well.

Ultimately the iPod touch is a great media device which offers the perks of an iPhone for a very small price.While it is not clear to which demographic Apple is catering to with this device, the simplest answer would be to a younger audience, primarily teens who may be too young to be given an iPhone.It caters to an average consumer as much as it does to an App developer, as it provides the background room for testing at a minimal price range. It is handy tool for Android users who want to use an iOS device without needing to change their primary device.

You can get your hands on the sixth generation iPod touch here.


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