Reports from Taiwanese market analyst TrendForce have predicted that the aggravating shortage of Intel’s 14nm CPU will impact laptop shipments during the upcoming holiday season as Whiskey Lake chips fall behind schedule. According to TrendForce, the reduced stock of laptops will also result in decreased DRAM and SSD pricing. The analyst firm also predicts Intel’s CPU shortage to last a bit longer into the later parts of the first half of 2019, which will surely give a boost to AMD’s Ryzen Mobile products.

Many other analyst firms also believe that AMD’s Ryzen Mobile chips have finally started to impact the laptop market with different notebook makers like Dell, HP, Acer, and Lenovo offering some good products at competitive pricing.


AMD’s laptop market share took a jump of 1.7 percent from the previous quarter and increased to up to 4.9 percent in Q3. This progress was before even the Intel CPU supply crisis had started. One of the significant things to note is that AMD will have ample supply during the upcoming holiday season. This means there will not be any price hikes on AMD powered laptops due to shortage which is surely going to happen for notebooks with Intel inside.

Intel is still dealing with the consequences of its delayed 10nm process. Intel’s 10nm production process wasn’t as time effective as expected, which increased demand on already overbooked 14nm production lines. The deficits also affected its desktop and enterprise processor lineups and forced Intel to outsource the 14nm chipsets to TSMC, the world’s largest dedicated independent semiconductor foundry.


TrendForce also predicts the CPU shortage in laptops to take a jump from a 5 percent under-supply in August to between 5 percent and 10 percent under-supply in September. This speculation is further supported by a DigiTimes report published a week ago. According to the DigiTimes report, ODM Compal Electronics, which is about to become the world’s largest laptop manufacturer in 2018, has revised its forecasts due to CPU supply issues. Another major laptop manufacturer, Inventec, also reported that CPU shortages have already affected its September shipments.

TrendForce had projected DRAM pricing to decrease by about two percent in the second half of the year, and CPU supply shortage is also going to decrease the demand further. This will lead to even lower DRAM pricing than predicted before during the holiday season.

Another thing to be affected by this will be SSD demand and pricing. According to the analyst firm, we can expect a drop in SSD demand as more than 50 percent of laptops are shipped with an SSD.

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