Intel Showcases Core i9-9900KS: 5 GHz Boost For All 8 Cores, Better Than The Best?

    Intel i9-9900K

    Intel already had the world’s best gaming processor in its arsenal in the form of the Core i9-9900K, but now the company has decided to further improve the chip and its result is the new Core i9-9900KS.

    Intel showed off a 28-core Xeon processor during its keynote last year and that CPU ran all of its cores at 5 GHz. Now, that processor has finally become a reality. Intel showcased the octa-core Intel Core i9-9900KS ahead of Computex and this chip can run all its cores at a frequency of 5 GHz in any scenario. The CPU is promised to deliver the same frequency in single core as well as multi-core workloads.

    Intel received some flak too for its demonstration last year since it never mentioned the fact that it was using a sub-zero chiller to achieve and maintain the frequencies that they did with that Xeon processor. The demonstration showed this time to Anandtech used a closed-loop liquid cooler.

    The new Core i9-9900KS uses the same silicon as the i9-9900K, with the cores being selectively binned to achieve the 5 GHz frequency mark on all cores. Both i9-9900KS and i9-9900K share the same GT2 integrated graphics as well. The Core i9-9900KS can even be used on the same motherboards as the Core i9-9900K with a firmware update.

    The details about the TDP of the processor are still unknown but we can expect them to be revealed at the upcoming Intel’s keynote at Computex. Other information like the availability and pricing is also something to look forward to. The keynote will be run by Intel SVP and GM Gregory Bryant.

    The Core i9-9900KS has been given a boost of 300 MHz to its all-core turbo frequency values, as compared to the i9-9900K, to reach 5 GHz. Moreover, the base frequency has also been increased from 3.6 GHz to 4.0 GHz. Now, since the TDP is based on the base frequency, a slight increase in the TDP from the i9-9900K should be expected. The 8 core, 16 thread chip will have 16 MB of L3 cache.

    We will be following the keynote and will post updates regarding any new information about the Intel Core i9-9900KS.

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