Intel Q1 2019 Revenues Decline by 15%; PC Sector Strong


    Intel announced their quarterly earnings yesterday for Q1 2019. The revenue came in at $16Bn, 15% lesser than the last quarter’s. The operating income was worse off due to a decline of 7%, from $6.2Bn to $4.2Bn, while the net income dropped by 11% to $4Bn (from 5.2). The individual share earnings for Q1 2019 were $0.87, a decline of 11% compared to $0.93 last year.

    Although the PC market didn’t do all that well, Intel made decent gains in the first quarter. Notebook and desktop shipments were down, but due to higher average selling prices (ASP) (+13% for mobile processors and +7% for desktop), the company’s gains in the segment were favorable. Intel cited gaming, enterprise markets and modems for an increased revenue of 4% (to $8.5Bn) in Q1 2019.

    INtel Q1 Earnings

    In the Data Center segment, Intel lost by 6% to $4.9 billion. The cloud business was more positive and grew by 5%. The storage sector was down by 12% to $915 million, due to the falling prices of SSDs as well as the increasing competition.

    Finally, IoT was unfazed, and the revenue of the division climbed to $910 million (8%). It has continued to become a major business in the technology sector with a total worth of a billion dollars per quarter.

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