Intel Posts A Double-Digit Decline In Data Centre Revenue: Ryzen Plays Spoiler?

    Intel 10nm

    The spectacular rise of AMD’s Ryzen processors didn’t occur in a vacuum. Today, Intel presented an update on its quarterly revenue. Team Blue experienced a double-digit decline in revenue, at least in the data centre segment. Their PC segment saw growth, but just a marginal 1 percent.

    AMD’s been capturing marketshare from Intel in key markets like Korea where it hasn’t had this kind of market presence in over a decade. This is largely to the fact that 3rd gen Ryzen finally offers competitive single-threaded performance while also trouncing Intel offerings in terms of core and thread count.

    Interestingly, Intel themselves didn’t attribute the revenue decline to competition from AMD. Instead, they chalked it up to supply shortages due to poorer yield on the 10nm process. Intel believes that improved yields at 10nm and the upcoming rollout of their 7nm parts will bring revenue growth back to where it’s been the past several years.

    It’ll be interesting to see how things pan out over the next two years. We’ll have a better picture of whether Intel’s current poor performance is just supply related or if AMD and Ryzen have had a direct impact.


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