Tech giants Intel is reported to be working on a discrete GPU of their own. The GPU is expected to compete head on with the NVIDIA and AMD made chips.

Reports suggests that Intel has started work on two next gen discrete GPUs, codenamed Arctic Sound and Jupiter Sound. A recent tweet by Ashraf Essa of The Motley Fool confirmed the two generations (12th & 13th) to follow the graphic cards assimilated in the Ice Lake architecture.

Intel’s senior VP of their Client Computing Group, Gregory Bryant, was quoted at JP Morgan’s CES Tech Forum saying that “Obviously we’re trying to improve the performance of our integrated graphics and ultimately we would like to be in discrete graphics as well.” The mindset was further shown to be true when Intel hired AMD’s lead GPU architect Raja Koduri. Koduri is to become Intel’s new Senior Vice President, and head of its newly formed Core and Visual Computing Group.

With the recent changes made by the company and Koduri in the lead, Intel is finally going to be getting in the discrete graphics business. For years, they relied on AMD and NVIDIA cards to go along with their processors for getting any real graphical work done due to the poor capability of their own integrated graphics. Now Intel might finally be able to provide the whole package by themselves.

With AMD snapping at Intel’s heels with it’s Ryzen lineup and NVIDIA utterly dominating the current graphics market with their 10-series GPUs, Intel definitely needs to step up their game. The development of the discrete GPU lineup promises just that. And with the kind of team working on it, led by Raja Koduri, they’re bound to deliver.

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With the news of new Intel CPUs with AMD Radeon graphics recently launching, it may be a while till we see any of these cards in the market, but Intel sure seems committed towards being a big competitor in the GPU big leagues and we’re definitely excited to see how their foray into discrete graphics pans out.

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