Intel lays off hundreds of workers, Infosys to be its sole contractor

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Intel had laid off hundreds of workers in the US and Costa Rica last week. Even though this number seems meager compared to the 16,000 people who lost their jobs in 2016 and 2017, it’s the largest number of dismissals in the recent past.

Intel didn’t lay off its employees as a cost-cutting measure. They reduced the size of their workforce in order to simplify the way the company works. They are about to consolidate operations under a single contractor, the Indian technology giant Infosys.


The company mentioned to the Oregonian- “Changes in our workforce are driven by the needs and priorities of our business, which we continually evaluate. We are committed to treating all impacted employees with professionalism and respect.”

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These layoffs aren’t going to affect Intel’s long term plans, neither are they going to affect the company’s ability to produce a sufficient number of CPUs. In fact, as part of their expansion plan, they are set to create around 1700 more jobs in the Oregon area. They also aim to include offices in Israel. This downsizing may result in Intel being more responsive to changes in the market.

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