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    Intel 10nm Lakefield 5-core CPU spotted in FireStrike Database

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    Intel has been struggling to compete with AMD in the desktop space but there’s no denying that the company still excels in the mobile sector where Ryzen has failed to make any significant mark.

    Today, renowned and reputed leaker APISAK has spotted their 10nm based next-gen low power laptop processor, codenamed Lakefield, in the Firestrike database.
    The striking thing about the leak is the presence of 5 cores, which seem to be running at 3.1GHz. It has allegedly scored ~5200 in the Physics test and ~1100 in the Graphics test.

    Is it really a 5-core CPU?

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    As it turns out, Lakefield is indeed a 5-core CPU that will be using Intel’s Foveros technology, a 3D packaging technique aimed at making the most efficient processors.

    Intel’s 3D stacking Foveros technology.

    These 5 cores, however, will not be created equally. 1 “Big CPU” will be based on high-performance Sunny Cove architecture while the 4 other “Small CPU”s are going to be low-power Intel Tremont derivatives, combined together to form a 5-core Hybrid x86 CPU. This will be the first 5-core x86 processor ever.

    Intel’s Hybrid 5-Core Lakefield CPU demonstration.

    It looks like Intel has decided to take a page out of ARM’s book which has forever implemented a similar technique in their SOCs and for a similar purpose, ie, to be very power efficient as Lakefield will have a TDP of just 5-7W. Here’s how it compares to my Ryzen 5 2500U @15W.

    Intel 5-core Hybrid Lakefield CPURyzen 5 2500u
    Cores1-core Sunny Cove + 4-core Tremont4-core Zen+
    FireStrike Physics ~52006630
    Firestrike Graphics ~11001952

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