Intel i9-9900KS: The fastest gaming CPU that runs all 8 cores at 5GHz

    Intel i9-9900KS

    Leading up to the Computex Keynote, Intel i9-9900KS was announced today that promises 5GHz across both single and multi-core workloads under all circumstances.

    The Intel i9-9900KS is a special edition of the flagship i9-9900K that uses the same silicon (with selective binning technique), has the same integrated graphics and supports the same motherboards. It also uses the same 14nm process with Coffee Lake architecture.

    Intel i9-9900KS delidded
    The i9-9900KS comes in with a base frequency of 4GHz

    The i9-9900KS comes with a base frequency of 4GHz, an increase of 400MHz over the i9-9900K. Intel, however, didn’t reveal the TDP rating of the new processor. While the 9900K has a TDP of 95W, one can make a guess that the 9900KS should be rated at ~105W. Like the former, it will also bundled with a cooler.

    Intel used a Gigabyte Aorus Pro motherboard, a Corsair HX850i PSU (850W) and a 240mm ROG Ryujin 240 cooler for a demo which showed all 8 cores running at 5GHz.

    While Intel presents the i9-9900KS as the next-gen flagship for gaming and hardware enthusiasts, it is still utilizing the 14nm process in an attempt to squeeze every last bit of performance from it. Hopefully, Intel will have something more interesting lined-up for its Computex Keynote.

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