Intel i5-10600 Rivals AMD’s Ryzen 3600 in Leaked Benchmark

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Intel’s Comet Lake i5-10600 chip sample has been spotted in UserBenchmark’s benchmark, and has managed to rock Ryzen 3600’s throne.

Intel Core i5 10600 vs AMD 5 3600 benchmark
Intel Core i5 10600 vs AMD 5 3600 benchmark

For a while now, the Ryzen 5 3600 has been the undisputed price/performance king for mid-range builds. This might very well change with the new Comet Lake chip from Intel, the i5-10600 which has posted a 91.4% score which is considered “outstanding”.

Intel comet lake i5-10600
Intel i5-10600 6c/12t CPU

The i5-10600 is a 6 core/12 thread Comet Lake CPU, which is yet another refinement of the 14nm process which started all the way back with Sky Lake. It has a base clock of 3.3 GHz and can boost up to 4.3 GHz, although the average boost clock in the benchmark was found to the around 4.15 GHz. The Intel chip registered a higher single-core score (143) than the AMD counterpart. But the overall score of the i5-10600 was lower than the R5 3600.

Intel 10th Generation i5
Intel 10th Gen i5
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The Intel i5-10600 wins in 1-core and 4-core tests, while the AMD R5-3600 wins in 2-core, 8-core, and 64-core tests. The overall score comes out to be 1780 points for Intel while the AMD scores higher with 1880 points.

i5-10600 Score vs Benchmark Percentage

amd vs intel

Even though the Ryzen chip scores higher than the Intel one and comes on top, the benchmark percentage for i5-10600 is 91.4% opposed to R5-3600’s 87.9%. One can attribute this to the benchmark weighing single-core performance more hence favoring the Intel CPUs. But unlike Ryzen 3600, the i5-10600 will have integrated graphics coupled with the 14nm process that can make it run toasty. We are also unaware if it might require a new chipset and socket whereas the Ryzen can still run on the AM4 socket. But the i5-9400F after slashing the price by removing the iGPU gave a good fight to AMD’s offerings.

So if the pricing anything similar, we might have a new winner in our hands with Intel’s refreshed comet lake.

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