Intel Steals Another AMD Lead for its Visual Technologies Team

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    Intel has once again used its influence and deep pockets to bring yet another big name into its fold. Heather Lennon, who had been a marketing lead at AMD has now jumped ship and joined former Radeon boss, Raja Koduri and others in Intel’s quest to dominate the discrete GPU market.

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    Just like former NVIDIA big-shot, Tom Petersen, Lennon was one of the most well-known faces at AMD and had won multiple awards such as Campaigner of the Year, as well as Top 30 Under 30 from PR News in 2014. Other than that, she had secured around 40 awards for team red (under marketing) before taking charge of the company’s Best Buy account (US) where she managed both Ryzen as well as Radeon products.

    Lennon will be joining Intel as the Senior Manager of Digital Marketing for Graphics. Mark Taylor, who earlier worked at NVIDIA as the lead Technical Marketing Manager for Tesla and DGX, will be working alongside her as the head of the marketing team for datacenter graphics.

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    The recruitment of Lennon Heather marks another major acquisition of former AMD/NVIDIA staff by Intel to feed its discrete GPU team, otherwise known as the VTT or simply “the Odyssey”. Other than the above-mentioned names, team red’s Chris Hook, Jim Keller and Darren McPhee, all of whom played leading roles at AMD back in the day have confirmed that they’re part of team blue now.

    Intel has even gone on to recruit journalists and experts like Ryan Shrout of PC Perspective and HardOCP hot-head, Kyle Bennet to help accelerate its plans for the GPU industry.

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