Intel Gen11 iGPU Leak Puts Iris Graphics on Par with the Radeon Vega 11


    Intel recently came with up a redesigned graphics pane UI, called the Graphics Command Center. Windows 10 DCH driver ( that brings to all PCs with Intel chips, Skylake onwards also delivered a little extra info with it. The whole Gen11 iGPU lineup, including the mobile as well as the Iris graphics, were leaked.

    This info wasn’t directly accessible, but hidden inside an INF file included with the driver archive. The file contains the names and details of 11 iGPU, from the desktop parts to the mobility as well as the top-end Iris GPUs which should even compete with low-end discrete graphics cards.

    Intel Gen11 iGPU
    *Table courtesy: Tomshardware

    Looking at the lineup, the top-end Iris Graphics seem to boast the most performance with 64 EUs and 512 shading units. Moving down the chart, the desktop-grade UHD Graphics 920 and 910 loose half of the shaders which brings the count to 256. Further below, the mobile parts get further trimmed down to 384 and 256 shading units for the higher and lower end variants, respectively.

    Just a day back, the Ashes of the Singularity benchmark of the LP Gen11 graphics chip was leaked which saw the Intel iGPU crossing the Radeon Vega 10. If we use that as a measure of performance, then the higher-end Iris 950 and 940 chips should easily surpass NVIDIA’s GeForce MX130 and MX150 and perhaps even the Vega 11.

    The Gen11 iGPUs along with the Icelake CPUs will debut later this year, possibly at Computex or if not then god knows when. These will be Intel’s first chips based on the 10nm node.

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