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    Intel Gen11 iGPU Faster than AMD’s Vega 10 in Gaming

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    Someone recently posted benchmarks giving us an idea of how Intel’s upcoming quad-core Icelake processors, more specifically their Gen11 iGPU will perform in games. This leak is of Oxide’s popular Ashes of the Singularity benchmark. It puts the Intel chip ahead of the Vega 10, but still quite far from the Vega 11 or NVIDIA’s MX130 and 150.

    INtel Graphics Gen11

    The iGPU was tested at the low quality preset and netted an average frame-rate of 20.4 FPS. This is a tad bit faster than the Radeon Vega 10 (14.9 FPS), but the Vega 11 is almost twice as faster with an average of 29.3 FPS. NVIDIA’s mobile GPUs, the GeForce MX150 and MX130 are also significantly ahead with 25.6 and 22.6 FPS, respectively. However, the iGPU does manage to one-up its predecessors being approximately 30-50% faster than its 8th gen Coffee Lake counterparts.

    Intel Gen11 graphics
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    There were earlier leaks pertaining to Intel’s Gen11 iGPU that came from GFXBench and CompuBench. However, those figures painted a much prettier picture of the upcoming Intel chip. One reason could be that this SKU seems to be either low power or a mobile part with a base clock of just 1.30GHz. The Gen11 LP label further cements that claim. Regardless, we’ll get an idea of the real world performance by the end of this year, if not before.

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