Intel shoots itself in the foot with F-series CPU Pricing


    Apparently Intel has decided that their recent struggles with switching to 10-nanometer architecture arent enough, as their latest iGPU-Disabled Intel F-Series processors have been ridiculously priced.

    The new Intel F-Series processors are essentially the same as the 9th Gen processors, with the same core counts, frequencies and TDP. The catch is that they lack the integrated GPU for those who will be adding a dedicated Graphics Card on their system.

    Now you’d expect these to be cheaper than their iGPU equipped counterparts, right? Wrong. Somebody at Intel for some godforsaken reason thought it would be good idea to price them at the exact same MSRP as the standard variants, and everyone else followed with cheers.

    This is a result of their recent relief valve that intends to use processors that end up with defects. Intel can simply disable the defective cores and sell them as a lower end model and in this case, they’re disabling the defective graphics units. This sort of explains the intention with the pricing since it costs them the same amount to manufacture both variants, but it shouldn’t reflect on the market or the customer.

    While one would normally never use the iGPU in a dedicated graphics card system, it does come in handy during GPU failures so it makes absolutely no sense to opt for the Intel F-series processors unless Intel issues a price drop, which they most likely will after the backlash they’ll receive post-launch.

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