Intel Working on Dual Screen Honeycomb Glacier Gaming Laptop


    Dual-screen laptops have been a hit at Computex 2019. ASUS showed off its new ZenBook Pro Duo laptop with a giant panel above the keyboard. And now, Intel is also cooking up something similar with its new dual-screen Honeycomb Glacier gaming prototype. The laptop has a similar yet very different approach to the dual-screen design compared to the ZenBook Pro Duo.

    Credit: Engadget

    The primary display on the laptop is a 15.6-inch 1080p panel and the secondary screen is 12.3 inches. The second screen is tilted on a hinge which lies below the main screen giving it greater visibility. The laptop also has Tobii eye tracker built in although it might need some software calibration to work seamlessly across both the displays. Intel is targeting this laptop for gaming purposes with the second screen for more control options or other auxiliary tasks. The laptop is currently running on Intel’s 9th gen 8C/ 16T H-series processors paired with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 OC. The laptop is cooled with just one large fan under the hood. With a lot of breathing room under the display, we can expect good thermal performance.

    Credit: Tom’s Hardware

    The new dual-screen laptops might not be a gimmick after all and look very promising. Intel’s Honeycomb Glacier is still in the prototype phase and we hope to see upgraded specs once they hit the shelves.

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