Intel Discrete Xe Graphics’ First Concept Design Unveiled

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Intel is expected to release its highly anticipated discrete graphics card in 2020. The GPU is codenamed Xe and is known by this name as of now, the actual name may or may not be different. Now, some concept designs have popped up for the upcoming GPU.

Concept designs made by fans aren’t that common in the graphics card space. Most of the concept designs made are for the mobile industry where it’s easy to produce them due to very minor alterations. Making a concept design for a discrete GPU is not a simple task by any means because of the sheer number of things you need to take care of, even if the card is only a reference design.

The concept art for Intel Xe is made by 3D artist Cristiano Siqueira. Siqueira is known for his multiple Radeon concept designs. His designs were acknowledged by Intel on twitter and they tweeted, “Thanks @CSiqueira97 for sharing your amazing concept designs! So inspiring to see this, and the community response! Our first fan art! #DeveloperArt #Innovator”.

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As per Cristiano’s design, the Xe GPU is expected to follow Intel’s Optane design profile. It will have a blower-type design with a dark-silver chassis with multiple blue colored LEDs, and a full cover backplate with an ornate Xe logo.


The concept design was well liked and received very positive feedback. Intel would be foolish not to take some inspiration from this for their upcoming discrete GPU.


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