Intel Core i9 9900KF On Sale at Record Low Price


    The Core i9 9900KF, Intel’s flagship processor is on sale at Newegg for $40 off its usual price with a promo code provided by Newegg’s mailing list. While the core i9 9900KF is on sale for $480 on other online retailers, you can get it for the record low price of $440 on Newegg.

    The 9900KF is the fastest gaming CPU as per benchmarks, and while the Ryzen 3000 processors outperform it in mainstream workloads, it is still *slightly* faster in gaming. The KF at the end signifies that it comes without an integrated GPU but that’s a non-issue for enthusiast PC builds.

    core i9 9900kf

    Core i9 9900KF Specifications:

    • Cores: 8
    • Threads: 16
    • Base clock: 3.6GHz
    • Boost Clock: 5.0GHz
    • Socket: LGA1151

    The Coffee Lake based 9900KF comes with Turbo boost and can go up to 5GHz without overclocking. While I would still personally recommend AMD’s Ryzen 3900X, the 9900KF is a great upgrade if you already have a compatible motherboard.

    You can find the deal here and use code EMCTDTE24 for the extra $40 off.

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