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Intel recently launched its new 9th Generation Core lineup of processors during its Fall Desktop Launch Event held in New York. Intel made sure the event had a number of professional overclockers with enough liquid nitrogen to showcase the extreme overclocking capabilities of its latest processors.


World-renowned overclocker Splave was able to overclock his Core i9-9900K to an astounding 6.9 GHz with a 1.7v core with the help of liquid nitrogen. The 1.7v Vcore level is enough to terminally damage almost every normally cooled processor, but Splave was able to achieve this feat by cooling the processor to about -190 degree Celsius using liquid nitrogen. Splave also claimed that some samples were able to reach even 7.1 GHz across all cores and 7.4 GHz on a single core.


Intel also showcased a range of increased benchmarks results from its overclocked Core i9-9900K sample. These results showcased a non-linear relationship between performance improvements with increased frequency but nonetheless, was an impressive pure voltage and frequency feat.


Splave also claimed that the new Core i9-9900K is capable of delivering a clock speed of 5.3 GHz on all cores with water-cooling and 1.4 V Vcore. This is due to the drastic improvements in thermal dissipation because of the Solder TIM under the die. These processors are expected to be great for overclocking because of this. The 5.3 GHz clock speed on Core i9-9900K is even more impressive when compared to the 5.0 GHz speed a water cooled and overclocked Core i7-8700K is able to achieve.

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