Intel’s upcoming Core i9-9900K chip was recently listed on Amazon for $480. The listing was of course taken down shortly afterwords, but this confirms the rumored pricing for the 9th generation Intel Core processors.

Let us delve more into the specifics of this processor:

Performance Upgrades to be expected in the i9-9900K

Intel Core i9-9900K Price Listed on Amazon

One major upgrade that we are waiting to see in the i9 configurations is the eight cores, 16 threads systems which are way above the 6 cores, 12 threads of the i7 processor.

Let me simplify the concept of threads and cores. Assume the cores to be like your mouth and the threads to be your hands. Our hands and mouths accomplish the basic purpose of eating, our hands pick up the food and put it in our mouths.

If my CPU is assumed to perform the function of eating then it would be much faster if I had more than one mouth but this is limited to the speed at which I can put food in my mouth, it depends on how many hands I have. Cores and threads work in a similar manner, this analogy also gives a slight hint as to the threads and cores being mostly in ratio’s of 1:2.

A core is a single computing component with independent CPU. A core is defined as a CPU which read and execute program instructions. The number of cores directly affect processing speed of Device. More the number of cores you have the faster Processing you get.

Product Design

Intel Core i9-9900K Price Listed on Amazon

These are basically speculations which are based on an Amazon listing which does not exactly name the product to be the Intel core i9-9900K. These speculations are mostly based on the fact that this product has 8 cores and 16 threads.

The package is semi-transparent and has 12 sides, making it a dodecahedron. This is an odd choice because the processor has 16 threads so a hexadecagon would have been more appropriate – or an octahedron (which has 8 sides) like the Destiny engrams.

Intel Core i9-9900K: Price

One question that flashes across everyone’s mind is as to how much would this cost? 
A pre-Etailer and serial dealer of Silicon Lottery lists the i9 9900K for pre-order with a price tag of $480. That’s in the upper range of where we expected Intel to price its top chip considering the equally-threaded Ryzen 7 2800X is much cheaper at around $320. Intel’s chip will likely be faster, but that’s a considerable price hurdle to hop.

Official Specifications Comparison

Processor NameProcessCores / ThreadsBase ClockBoost ClockCacheTDPPrice
Core i9-9900K14nm++8 / 163.6 GHz5.0 GHz (1/2 Core)
4.8 GHz (4 Core)
4.7 GHz (6/8 Core)
16 MB95W~450 USD
Core i7-9700K14nm++8 / 83.6 GHz4.9 GHz (1 Core)
4.8 GHz (2 Core)
4.7 GHz (4 Core)
4.6 GHz (6/8 Core)
12 MB95W~350 USD
Core i5-9600K14nm++6 / 63.7 GHz4.6 GHz (1 Core)
4.5 GHz (2 Core)
4.4 GHz (4 Core)
4.3 GHz (6 Core)
9 MB95W~250 USD

It is difficult to conclude as to this sudden appearance of the product on amazon was just a coincidence or rather a well thought out plan to create hype but either way there is no doubt that if the i9-9900K can live up to the expectations of consumers would be a revelation in the industry of gaming and computing.

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