In an unexpected move, Intel announced a limited edition i7 Coffee Lake clocked @ 5 Ghz at Computex today. Today marks the 50 year anniversary of the chipmaker. The Core i7 8086K is the same as the i7 8700K, except for a higher clock speed.

There have been plenty of rumors regarding such a chip but they were considered a hoax. This new limited edition part will be…well limited, with only 50K units being produced. The Core i7 8086K will feature a base frequency of 4 Ghz and a boost clock of 5 Ghz. Don’t expect all the cores to boost to that frequency though. Still that is a 300 Mhz boost over the vanilla Core i7 8700K, both in terms of base and boost frequencies. The TDP and everything else is unchanged however.

This is a case of silicon binning from the production line, where you test the chips and the good ones will be clocked higher and labelled as the Core i7 8086K, instead of the 8700K. Intel sweepstakes mentions the price as $425, and is giving away more of these 8086K CPU for free in a sweepstakes in celebration of the company’s 50 year anniversary.

Intel Core i7 8086K
Intel Nervana Neural Network Processor

Between the 28 core CPU and the limited edition parts, Intel also took time to mention new notebook series processors, namely the Whiskey Lake (U series) and Amber Lake (Y series). Given that the 10nm node wasn’t mentioned today, these mobile parts will probably be a reiteration of the 14nm Coffee Lake architecture.

Intel has stated that they already have 70 designs for laptops and 2-in-1s from OEMs starting this fall. Aside from offering double digit performance gains in comparison to Kaby Lake and integrated WiFi (big surprise), not much is known about these new mobile chips. This is all that is know about these notebook processors at this point. As more details come out we’ll be sure to share them.

Intel also brought up it’s upcoming new X-series processor (enthusiast range CPUs with moar cores but also excessive expensive) as well as the next gen Intel Core S series processors. Both these “next-gen” series will be based on Coffee Lake and will probably start shipping by the year’s end.

More on the upcoming 28 Core Intel Processor here.

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