Intel Core i5-8265UC Spotted: 55% Faster than AMD Ryzen 2500U, 41% Faster than Core i5-8265U


    We are used to seeing Intel’s upcoming 10th Gen processors from the Comet Lake and Ice Lake lineup pop up every now and then over at Geekbench and SiSoft. So, imagine my surprise when our trusted Twitter detective shared not one but five benchmarks of an unannounced Intel Whiskey Lake chip, the Core i5-8265UC. On closer analysis, this variant of the 8265U seems significantly faster than the original chip. Below, we’ve compiled a list of benchmarks comparing the Core i5-8265UC to the existing Core i5-8265U as well as the AMD Ryzen 5 2500U (just for the sake of it).

    UserBenchmark: Intel Core i5-8265UC vs AMD Ryzen 5 2500U

    The Core i5-8565UC is a whopping 50% faster than AMD’s Zen+ based Ryzen 5 2500U. Surprisingly, its much faster in the quad-core bench, while in the single-core it’s ahead by 47%. The lead is relatively smaller in the mixed core test at just 41%.

    UserBenchmark: Intel Core i5-8265UC vs Intel Core i5-8265U

    Comparing the new Whiskey Lake chip to its twin, the Core i5-8265U, we can see that the UC variant is 27% faster on an average, +12% in the single core, +29% in the quad-core and a rather sizeable +38% in the multi-core test. This is rather odd considering that both are quad-core, Whiskey Lake products and at the same time the 8265UC is clocked considerably lower. Not sure where these gains are coming from, or even if these benchmarks are legit, but I suppose we’ll know in time.


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    PassMark:Intel Core i5-8265UC vs Intel Core i5-8265U

    The PassMark benchmarks mark these chips as identical twins with the same core count, threads as well as the base and boost clocks. Despite that, however, the Intel Core i5-8265UC is appreciably faster. Its single core rating is 2359 while the U is approximately 10-15% slower with 2130 points. The overall CPU scores paint a similar picture with the UC variant getting north of 10K and the older chip limited to 8K points.


    The Geekbench scores are more believable with the Core i5-8265U performing roughly similar to the newer UC chip. Both processors score in the 4K range in the single-core test and 14-15K in the multi-core benchmark.

    Other than that, we can see that these chips are powering two Lenovo laptops and a Dell Inspiron. The scores will vary depending upon the type of cooling solution the OEM provides with the device. All three devices are existing models packing the Core i5-8265U, so it’s very possible that this is a modified version with better thermals or well something, where the extra performance is coming from.

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