Intel CEO: We’d Rather have a Smaller Stake in the Data Center Market than a Larger one in the PC Space

    Intel 10nm

    Robert Swan can’t seem to keep his name off of the news the past weeks! In quite a radical departure from Intel’s usual marketing strategy in the hardware space, Swan says he’d much rather expand the company’s horizons in a larger data-centric market space, than focus on the PC market where the company is struggling to keep up with AMD’s 3rd Gen Ryzen processors.

    The controversial Intel CEO Robert Swan.

    It’s no secret that Intel dominates the semiconductor industry with a whopping 90% market share. However if Intel were to be open to diving into data-driven sectors such as Optane memory, FPGAs and AI accelerator chips, their product offering would be much more diverse. The immediate effect of that would be Intel holding a smaller share in a more diverse market with untapped potential.

    Intel’s 9th Gen flagship

    According to Bob, this will further drive innovation at Intel. He says, “If you redefine the role you can play in the industry to have a 30 percent share, you have to begin to dare to dream. You’re not protecting what you built. You’re evolving your thinking.”

    This is an optimistic statement by the newly crowned CEO of the giant chipmaker, now facing intense competition from its age-old rival after so long that it had almost forgotten what it felt like. The company is expected to finally make the transition to the 10nm node after more than five years of 14nm and 14nm++, while AMD has already started selling chips based on the 7nm process. The company announced a while back that 7nm will come by 2022, and by then AMD will probably have shifted to the 5nm design. Intel still has a lot of cards left to play but the coming years will in no way be easy.

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