Intel CEO Blames CPU Shortage on Aggressive Policies

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It’s no secret that Intel has been struggling to gain traction in the market for the past few months. Their inability to mass-produce silicon to meet public demand has led to a degree of uncertainty amongst shareholders and consumers alike regarding the future of the company.

According to Robert Swan (CEO, Intel), these are repercussions of the company’s aggressive policies with respect to their late introduction of its 10nm process, and its decision to cater to enterprise customers with greater favor. Add to that their poor market analysis with respect to commercial PC sales, they cooked up quite the recipe for disaster amongst themselves.

The man behind the wheel of Big-Blue – Robert Swan

With this hardware shortage becoming a problem for PC manufacturers, they’re finding it more prudent to switch to alternates like AMD for their fix. This leaves Intel between a rock and a hard place considering the already dull hardware market. AMD has been building on Intel’s slump for the past few months with the launch of their third generation of Ryzen silicon and by enticing customers to switch camps with their stellar bang for your buck performance. Intel needs a dunk in cold water to reprioritize their production and marketing right about now.

The competition heats up.
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All’s not lost though. PC sales have picked up in the previous quarter and it’s partially due to Intel’s increased stock out-put. Big-Blue just needs to play to their strengths and continue on this high for the months to come!

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