Intel Cascade Lake-X CPUs with 10-Cores and 20-Threads Spotted; Codenamed Glacier Falls

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It’s been barely six months since Intel released its Skylake-X HEDT processors, and now we’re hearing rumors indicating that the company might launch the Cascade Lake-X lineup at Computex 2019. The latest leak comes from SiSoftware’s database which mentions a 10 core, 20 thread Glacier Falls part based on the Cascade Lake-X/Skylake-X architecture.

Intel Cascade Lake-X

The interesting part here is that the listing specifies both the Cascade Lake-X as well as Skylake-X architectures behind the Glacier Lake chip which is very much possible considering that the latter hasn’t been on the market for long. This also means that there is a small chance that the newer HEDT chips will be compatible with the present Skylake-X chipsets to increase adoption. However, slides leaked earlier mention the B365 and H310C chipsets corresponding to Glacier Lake. As of now, there’s no info regarding the difference between these two and the B360 and H310.

Looking at the SiSoftware results, the 10 core Glacier Falls chip scores 1420.55Mpix/s and 100 points which is 30%+ higher than the 16 core Skylake-X server processors currently forming the heart of Intel’s HEDT lineup. Cascade Lake-X is quite similar to its predecessor with only a few improvements such as hardware-based side channel mitigation, Intel DL Boost with 11x inference speed-up, and support for Optane DC Persistent Memory. So the bulk of the performance gains can be attributed to the increased clock speeds which are considerably higher than the Basin Falls refresh with a base of 2.4Ghz and a single core boost of 4.6Ghz and an all core of 4.

Intel Cascade Lake-X
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However, in terms of TDP, the Cascade Lake-X seems a bit lacking with a TDP of 200W which makes it more power hungry than the present Skylake-X deca-core parts. Again, this could be an early sample and not the final iteration of the processor, so the clocks and TDP might change.

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