EETimes has just come out with a new statement saying that it heard from several C-level executives about the possibility of Intel acquiring AMD.

The competition between the two had increased drastically ever since the release of Ryzen, and the new 7-nanometer 3rd Gen Ryzen will only hurt Intel’s sales further.

Now while Intel might be highly incentivized to make such a decision and it may seem financially feasable considering Intel’s assets are roughly 50 times larger than its rival AMD, the deal will most likely be cancelled by regulators due to the monopoly that would arise in the CPU market.

These rumors keep popping up every now and then especially during Quarterly earning reveals, and its not just the likelihood of Intel acquiring AMD but Nvidia as well. The latter makes much more sense however since Nvidia would finally be able to compete against Intel in the CPU department by gaining AMD’s x86 license.

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  1. Not just the likelihood of Intel acquiring AMD but NVIDIA as well ?

    That’s a terrible way of conveying that NVIDIA might acquire AMD cos it’s conveying that Intel might acquire NVIDIA as well.

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